【Banksy Paris】A graffiti stolen near Pompidou

A graffiti of Banksy, the most famous street artist, was stolen in the center of Paris near the Pompidou Center last weekend.

A resident of the neighborhood, awakened by the din, filmed the scene.


Banksy’s graffiti stolen near Beaubourg

The still-secret street artist had passed near the Pompidou Center in June 2018, leaving his mark on the back of a panel.

The rat and the cutter, two characters in equal parts of the wink left by Banksy near the museum.

Another Banksy’s work was stolen in Paris

This time, it is a rat that was stolen at the Pompidou Center (IV), after cutting out last January, the sad silhouette, that the artist had dropped on an emergency exit of the Bataclan, in tribute to the victims of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, thieves cut off the panel indicating access to the underground car park of the contemporary art museum at the corner of Rambuteau Street.

On September 1st, the police was informed around 4:15 am.

On the back of this panel, more than 3 m high, Banksy had designed in June 2018 his famous rat, wearing a scarf to hide his muzzle, straddling a cutter.

The graffiti that he wrote in his Instagram account, paid tribute:

Fifty years since the uprising in Paris 1968. The birthplace of modern stencil art.

Banksy instagram

The rat, basically free, is a symbol claimed by street artists.

The cutter he rides on is explained by the stencils handled by Banksy.

By its nature of the street art, this work does not belong to the Pompidou Center, we file a complaint, only for the degradation of the panel.

Pompidou Center

The establishment had protected the rat with a plexiglass plate.

Only one month later, the security officers of Beaubourg had prevented an attempt to damage or steal of the Banksy in 2018.


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